Basic Piercing Aftercare

First of all thank you for choosing us as the place to receive your newest piercing. We are committed to helping you with any concerns or issue you my have with the healing of your new piercing. Please only take the advice of your piercer, or doctor when it comes to caring for any piercing.

Oral Piercing: (examples include: tongue, monroe, side lip, labret, medusa, cheeks, etc…)

After receiving any new body piercing it is important to care for it properly. We suggest the following aftercare for our clients.

Oral aftercare is simple. After anything you eat, drink, or smoke anything that isn’t water you need to rinse your mouth out with a basic sea salt-water mixture. (We carry a product.) To rinse use a cap full of the rinse, and swish it around your mouth for a full 30 seconds then spit it out. Some oral piercings also require surface aftercare, which is described on a separate sheet.

It is also important to stay well hydrated during the healing period. Drink lots of water and this will help with any swelling that occurs.

Oral piercings require the jewelry to be downsized after the initial swelling hasgone down. We suggest waiting 3 weeks and coming back to have your jewelry downsized.

Important Things To Avoid:

Consuming alcohol, or caffeine. For one these products dehydrate you, which can lead to excess, and prolonged swelling. Yeast based alcohols can also irritate, or lead to infections in healing piercings. If you choose to consume alcohol, consider chasing it with lots of water.

Smoking should be avoided. Introducing toxins, and foreign substances into a healing piercing can cause irritation and or infection. Certain foods (including dairy products, and spicy foods) should be cut down on or avoided. These items can irritate, and lead to infection in healing piercings.

Once a piercing is healed its important to maintain a certain quality of jewelry. Poor quality jewelry can lead to complications. Including allergic reactions, irritation, etc… Feel free to stop in and talk about custom jewelry for your piercing.

Thank you for reading this over, and if you have any questions regarding aftercare or jewelry feel free to come in or call the shop.